Notes on Implementation

We do not use Bootstrap’s Buttons component, but implement our own with increased color contrast.

Accessibility Notes

If a link performs the same action as a button, giving the element role="button" helps assistive technology users understand the function of the element. However, it is recommended to use native HTML buttons rather than the button role, as native HTML buttons provide keyboard and focus requirements by default and are best supported by assistive technologies.


Default Button Styles

A basic button can be created with the .btn class. You can use several predefined button styles, each serving its own semantic purpose.

Outline Button Styles

If you don’t want a background for the button, replace the default modifier class with the .btn-outline-*.

Disabled Button Styles

Make buttons look disabled by adding the disabled boolean attribute to the button tag.

It is recommended to use the html disabled attribute rather than a disabled class in CSS. The disabled attribute will make the button not respond to user action, not focusable, and the command event will not fire.

Other Button Styles